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day 341.

single life has been/ will be my life.

day 340.

its actually like 14 days til my bday… idk what got messed up. ahaha.

the only gift i want, is anything from you.

day 339.

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day 338.

im so behind in life.

day 337.

wow wow soo much work and so much time to not do it.

day 336.


the South Korean woman was inaugurated president today…

that ruined my buzz.

jk no drugs here.

day 335.

holy ddong too much taekwondo again.

day 334.


day 333.



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day 332.

college talk scares me.

Legendaddy. con’t

2/20, my father’s side uncle’s death date.

2/21. His birthday. died before completing 1 year of his life.

REST IN PEACE 백일현, older brother of 백철현, aka, 백철원, My dad’s new name, changed by my grandfather for good luck.

day 331.

i just don’t know anymore.

but on the brighter side, my demo team’s sponsership is now official

shout out to “Family In Touch” from leonia for sponsering my tkd team

day 330.

random note, 330 was my first house number.

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day 329.

here’s my day’s summary

soju tastes like sharpie.

day 328.

4 hours of taekwondo is too much.

i have a dead leg now.

and ive been doing 540’s the wrong way this entire time T.T