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day 367.

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day 367.

better off without me so it seems.

and that concert was so troll.

performed for a bunch of rich snobs who dont even thank us for VOLUNTEERING our FRIDAY NIGHT to entertain them.

mofos i hope you lose everything in your next investment,

day 366.

i’ve grown to like physics.

if only my teacher was interesting

day 365.

well here we are.

its been one year.

lol im gonna miss this, so imma just keep on.


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day 351-364.

those are the days im missing/skipped. this was supposed to begin/end on my birthday.

but w/e shit happens.

and my life at the age of 16, was simply a realization of that. 

shit happens.

day 350.

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day 349.

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day 348/

im so exhausted.

morning 2 hour taekwondo was brutal today.

insaneee workout.


day 347.

oh how He loves.

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day 346.

hspa’s are done.

i have feelings for someone new.

and God is always there.


day 345.

one week til my bday.

one week til my license

one week til i figure out how the hell im going to take the driving test.

day 344.


who am i to you?

day 343.

343 guilty spark #halo.


starting this summer, i begin my 4th degree training….


oh and HSPA’s are tomorrow. lOLOOL such a joke.

Day 343.

i find it hilarious that I decided to change my “love life” at 2pm

day 342.

1. you’re a cutie~
2. hosanna, although it was not what i was expecting, God gave me so much more… through prayer, i stopped the crying of a girl who had family troubles, someone i didnt even know. God thanks to you, i’ve done at least one good deed in my life.
3. i am so hungry. it’s insane.
4. Dear RHS, if you dont like God, then you’re going to hate me.